TRASH DELAY:  Trash pickup for all routes the week of January 17 will be one day later than usual.  Monday’s route will be picked up Tuesday; Tuesday’s route will be picked up Wednesday; Wednesday’s route will be picked up Thursday; and Thursday’s route will be picked up Friday.

Ambulance Services

Ambulance service is provided to all Oakwood residents, visitors and businesses. Oakwood is an area leader in advanced emergency victim care, offering the most up-to-date equipment and training to handle cardiac, respiratory and other emergency situations. Emergency situations are defined as those which threaten life or require treatment in emergency room facilities of a hospital. Citizens may select from a number of private ambulance services for medical conditions that are clearly non-emergency in nature.

Oakwood’s state-of-the-art communications center allows public safety personnel to be dispatched rapidly, with response times significantly under the national standard. Dispatchers are familiar with the community, adding to residents’ sense of safety and reassurance.

Medic Rescue Times 

First unit on scene
National Standard: 4-6 minutes
Oakwood (2018): 1.80 minutes

Medic Response Times 

Oakwood (2018): 3 minutes
National Standard: 12 minutes

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