Public Safety Alert: Car Theft on the Rise

Posted on November 18, 2022

PS Message

The Oakwood Public Safety Department is continuing to investigate a significant increase in car thefts.  Since September 28, 2022, the Safety Department has taken 11 stolen vehicle reports.  In comparison, the Safety Department responded to and took two stolen vehicle reports for all of 2021.

In each of the recently reported incidents, the vehicle was found to be unlocked with the keys inside the vehicle.  “Vehicle thefts are surging throughout our region, and the problem is not slowing down,” said Chief Alan Hill of the Oakwood Public Safety Department.  “Although local law enforcement agencies are collaborating to provide focused efforts on recovering stolen vehicles, and those responsible for stealing them, citizen engagement in protecting their vehicles is still the first and best line of defense.”

Thieves often target vehicles because how easy they are to steal.  The Safety Department would like to remind everyone to always lock your car doors, and do not leave the keys to the vehicle in or near the vehicle.   These two simple things could be the difference between becoming a victim or not.  Additionally, do not leave a spare key to your residence, or another vehicle you own inside any vehicle.

Anyone who observes any suspicious activity/behavior is encouraged to contact the Oakwood Public Safety Department at (937) 298-2122.


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