City of Oakwood Participates in the Hefty® ReNew™️ Program

Posted on June 27, 2024

Rumpke Waste and Recycling recently announced the expansion of their acceptable items by adding hard-to-recycle plastics as part of the Hefty® ReNew™️ Program.  The city of Oakwood collects recyclables weekly from residential households and delivers them to the Rumpke material recovery facility for sorting and eventual conversion into new materials.   The Hefty® ReNew™️ Program allows residents to purchase specific orange bags from local retailers and place materials in those bags that were previously unacceptable in the loose co-mingled recyclable container.  Once the orange bag is full, simply place it in your current co-mingled container at your home or in the co-mingled recycle container at the Recycling and Yard Waste Drop-Off Facility located at the entrance to the J. David Foell Public Works Center, 210 Shafor Boulevard.  The orange bag is delivered to Rumpke where it is removed from the loose recyclables and separated for delivery to specialized recyclers.  This program is optional for those residents who wish to further reduce their waste and recover hard-to-recycle plastics.  “The Hefty® ReNew™️ Program will allow additional materials to be diverted from the landfill and provide another opportunity for residents to continue doing their part in responsible recycling,” said Doug Spitler, Director of Public Works.

It is increasingly important that the co-mingled recycling stream contains only recyclable materials. In years past, the guidance was: “when in doubt, throw it in the recycling container”. The guidance is now: “learn what is recyclable and what is not, but when in doubt, throw it in the regular trash.”

Please visit for the latest information on acceptable materials for recycling,  and visit for additional program information.


Douglas Spitler, PE Director of Public Works
(937) 298-0777

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