Electric Aggregation for Oakwood Residents and Small Businesses

November 15, 2023 was the deadline to enroll in the MVCC governmental electric energy aggregation program.

Oakwood is a member community of the Miami Valley Communications Council (MVCC), which sponsors a regional electric energy aggregation program. The program offers a competitive rate of 6.57 cents per kWh for conventional electric energy. There is also a 100% renewable energy option at 6.97 cents per kWh.  The current provider is Energy Harbor (through December 2025).

Electric icon6.57 ¢ per kWh
Fixed Price | through December 2025

Fixed Price: A guaranteed fixed price over the term of your contract.

Electric icon   6.97 ¢ per kWh
          Green Energy | through December 2025

100% Green Fixed Price: The benefits of renewable energy with a fixed price.

Review the eligibility requirements in the FAQs below prior to submitting an enrollment request. Energy Harbor will review your enrollment request for eligibility. Ineligible enrollment requests will be declined, notified, and when applicable, returned to the utility for default generation service.

Eligibility Requirements and FAQ's:  https://energyharbor.com/en/community-programs/find-your-program/oakwood-montgomery-dpl.

If you have questions, wish to join, or leave the program, please contact Energy Harbor directly at 1-866-636-3749, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

For all other questions not covered by Energy Harbor or above, contact Oakwood Law Director Rob Jacques at (937) 298-0600.

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