Oakwood Rotary Hazardous Waste Pickup

OctOctober 24 2020

All day

There are two ways for residents to properly dispose of household hazardous material.  Residents may: 1) drop off the material at the Montgomery County Refuse Transfer Station (see www.mcswd.org for more information); or 2) use the quarterly Oakwood Rotary Club Hazardous Waste Collection program.  This year’s last collection date is scheduled for Saturday, October 24.  Call (937) 296-5155 to sign up for the service.  It is provided free of charge, but the Oakwood Rotary Club accepts donations.  Donations to the “Oakwood Rotary Club Foundation” can be placed in an envelope and left with the items being disposed, or may be mailed to: Oakwood Rotary Club Foundation, PO Box 512, Dayton, OH 45409.  All donations support charitable projects and community events led by your Oakwood Rotary!

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