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Far Hills Storm Sewer Reconstruction Project Update – 11/17

Posted on November 17, 2023

Project Highlights:
Kinnison Excavating and subcontractors have substantially completed restoring the areas within Phase 1 of the Far Hills Storm Sewer Replacement project, which covers northbound Far Hills Ave., Dellwood Ave. and extends across E. Schantz Ave.

  • Dellwood Avenue Concrete Roadway Restoration:  Kinnison is finished with all roadway restoration along Dellwood, save some minor patches to curb and asphalt near E. Schantz.
  • Thanksgiving Holiday Traffic:  A bit of good news for Oakwood residents and commuters traveling through Oakwood! Dellwood Avenue and Far Hills Avenue are anticipated to be reverted to normal traffic patterns and parking during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

 Upcoming Work:

  • Minor Restoration along Dellwood Avenue, E. Schantz Avenue, and OHS/OJHS Parking Lot:  Kinnison will work to tie up all loose ends and finish final touches on Phase 1 before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. They will be performing minor curb repair and asphalt patches to tie in Dellwood Avenue and E. Schantz, and curb replacement within the schools’ parking lot. This work is scheduled for the short work week before Thanksgiving, November 20-22.
  • Dellwood Avenue Northern Curb Restoration:  Oglesby Construction is now scheduled to replace the northern curb for the entire 100-block of Dellwood during the week of November 27, similar to the operations performed on the southern side of the road. Demolition of the curb will begin on November 27, with curb replacement tentatively scheduled November 28-29. The decision to delay restoration of the northern curb was to ensure that there is minimal disruption to residents, parking, and traffic during Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Phase 2 (located on Devereux Drive): Phase 2 will commence later than previously scheduled. The new start date for Phase 2 is tentatively set for the week beginning November 27. Again, the decision to delay the beginning of Phase 2 was to ensure that there is minimal disruption to residents, parking, and traffic during Thanksgiving weekend. Details on Phase 2 are forthcoming.
  • Far Hills Traffic Pattern Change:  Far Hills traffic pattern is scheduled to change the week beginning December 4. Further details will be presented to residents and City staff in the next couple weeks.

Contact Information Reminder:
If you have any questions or concerns during this project, please reach out to Chris Kuzma, City Engineer, at (937) 298-0777 or via email at Your questions, concerns, and comments are always welcome.

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