Far Hills Storm Sewer Reconstruction Project Update – 11/3

Posted on November 3, 2023

Project Highlights:

Kinnison Excavating and subcontractors have made progress in restoring the areas within Phase 1 of the Far Hills Storm Sewer Replacement project, which covers northbound Far Hills Ave., Dellwood Ave. and extends across E. Schantz Ave.

  • Liapis Landscaping resodded ~2,000 square feet within an easement between a couple of lots on Dellwood affected during construction.
  • Oglesby Construction crews executed an impressive curb restoration operation, restoring the entire south curb of the 100-block of Dellwood Ave, along with the northbound Far Hills Ave. curb, all in a single day. The final result is nothing short of exceptional.
  • Many damaged sidewalk panels and driveway aprons along Dellwood and Far Hills, a result of construction, have been replaced by Kinnison.
  • Kinnison has concreted flow channels and finished permanent connections between existing and new storm sewer structures along Dellwood in preparation for the replacement of concrete roadway panels.
  • Butler Asphalt completed the rebuild of the northbound curb lane of Far Hills in anticipation of its reopening to traffic in the coming weeks.
  • Kinnison has begun the process of demolishing and replacing concrete roadway panels on the south (eastbound) side of Dellwood Avenue, with an expected completion date of early next week (weather permitting).

Upcoming Work:

  • In the upcoming weeks, Kinnison has plans to “flip” lanes on Dellwood Avenue during the middle to late part of the week beginning November 6. Crews will initiate the process of demolishing and replacing roadway panels on the northern (westbound) lane at this time, while local traffic may use the newly restored eastbound lane.
  • Oglesby Construction is scheduled to replace the northern curb for the entire 100-block of Dellwood during the week of November 13, similar to the operations performed on the southern side of the road.
  • Phase 2: Due to unforeseen obstacles and inclement weather, Phase 2 (located on Devereux Drive) will commence later than previously scheduled. The new start date for Phase 2 is tentatively set for late in the week beginning November 6 or during the week of November 13. Information on the start of Phase 2 will be communicated to residents via online and e-mail updates as soon as it is available to city staff.

Contact Information Reminder:

If you have any questions or concerns during this project, please reach out to Chris Kuzma, City Engineer, at (937) 298-0777 or via email at fhss@oakwoodohio.gov. Your questions, concerns, and comments are always welcome.


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