Far Hills Storm Sewer Reconstruction Project Update – 12/22

Posted on December 22, 2023

Project Highlights:

  • Kinnison Excavating has substantially completed and restored Phase 1: The phase, covering Dellwood Avenue and northbound Far Hills Avenue, is substantially complete and open to traffic and parking per the posted restrictions.
  • Progress on Phase 2 (Devereux Drive):  Excavation, pipe laying, and temporary restoration has been completed on about 2/3 of the new storm infrastructure along Devereux Drive. The area will remain open to local traffic until work resumes the first week of January.

Upcoming Work:

  • Minor asphalt and concrete work on Dellwood/Phase 1:  All that is left for Phase 1 is minor concrete and asphalt work to tie in the new pavement and curb to the existing pavement and curb throughout the phase. This work is scheduled after the new year.
  • Phase 2 (Devereux Drive):  Completion of the storm sewer on Devereux Drive, turning eastward between residential lots towards Far Hills, and connecting Phase 1 to Phase 2 is planned for after the new year.

Note:  Softscape restoration to this point is mostly temporary and will be monitored and restored permanently once the weather breaks in the spring.

Contact Information Reminder:
If you have any questions or concerns during this project, please reach out to Chris Kuzma, City Engineer, at (937) 298-0777 or via email at fhss@oakwoodohio.gov. Your questions, concerns, and comments are always welcome.

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