Oakwood Facility & Park Reopening

Posted on June 4, 2020

City Hall

All city of Oakwood facilities and parks are open to the public.  This includes:

  • Oakwood Community Center (OCC) at 105 Patterson Road
  • Oakwood Public Works Center at 210 Shafor Boulevard
  • Oakwood City Building at 30 Park Avenue
  • Oakwood Public Safety Building at 30 Park Avenue
  • Oakwood Dog Park
  • Orchardly Park, including restrooms
  • Shafor Park
  • Fairridge Park
  • Cook Park

Playground equipment at Shafor Park, Fairridge Park, Orchardly Park and Cook Park is disinfected daily, Monday through Friday.  The restrooms at Orchardly Park are cleaned and disinfected twice daily, seven days per week.


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