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Oakwood Public Safety Department Supports Oakwood City Schools BOLD Campaign

Posted on November 15, 2019

Oakwood City Schools strives for students to build their lives alcohol and drug-free. The BOLD (Building Our Lives Drug-free) campaign provides community members an opportunity to show they are united in this effort to help students be alcohol and drug-free.  Oakwood parents and community members are invited to sign the BOLD pledge banner. By signing, parents and community members are pledging to not allow underage alcohol consumption or any drug use in their home. The Oakwood community can be BOLD and join in this effort to foster a safe and healthy environment for all Oakwood students.

The Oakwood Public Safety Department fully supports and will work in partnership with Oakwood City Schools Intervention/Prevention Counselor Joan Bline and her team to build upon the great work that is being done.  BOLD’s core mission of creating awareness designed to prevent youth substance use and change societal norms regarding substance use by reducing access, informing on the risk and harm associated with substance use, and increasing parental disapproval of youth substance use is a noble cause that deserves everyone’s support.  Chief Alan Hill and Captain Kevin Pruszynski show their support for BOLD by signing the banner.

BOLD Signing

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