Ohio 937 / 326 Area Code Overlay

Posted on January 14, 2020

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio approved a new 326 area code to the area served by the 937 area code to ensure a continuing supply of phone numbers.  The existing 937 area code is expected to run out of available phone numbers in 2020.

What does this mean?

Because more than one area code will serve our area, if you have a 937 or 326 phone number, you will be required to dial or enter the area code and the 7-digit number for all calls, including calls within the same area code.

When will the Ohio 937 / 326 area code overlay calling change begin?

Beginning February 8, 2020, if you have a 937 area code, the new calling procedure will be required for all calls. On and after this date, if you don’t use the new calling procedure, your call won’t be completed and a recording will instruct you to hang up and dial again, including the area code.

Beginning March 8, 2020, new telephone lines or services may be assigned numbers with the 326 area code. If you have a 326 area code, you must enter the area code and 7-digit phone number on all calls or the call won’t be completed.

Who is affected by the Ohio 937 / 326 area code overlay?

Anyone who has a phone number with a 937 area code is affected, as well as anyone who receives a phone number from the 326 area code in the future.

The 326 area code will cover the same geographic area as the 937 area code. The map below shows the 937 / 326 overlay area.

937 Map of Ohio









Will the Ohio 937 / 326 area code overlay affect my service?

No, the only change is entering the area code for all calls. Your current area code and phone number won’t change. The price of a call, your plan and coverage area, and other rates and services won’t change because of the overlay. All local calls will remain local, regardless of the number of digits entered.

What will I need to do to prepare for the Ohio 937 / 326 area code overlay?

In addition to entering the area code and phone number for all calls, you should also complete the following items:

  • Update any pre-programmed 7-digit phone numbers in your mobile device to include the area code, as well as any text or email alert services, and any call forwarding services.
  • Re-program all services and devices that are currently programmed to use a 7-digit phone number to include the area code, including automatic dialing equipment. Some examples include:
    • Life safety systems and medical monitoring devices
    • Fire or burglar alarm and security systems
    • Security gates
    • Speed dialers
    • Call forwarding settings
    • PBXs and fax machines
    • Internet dial-up numbers
    • Voicemail services and similar functions
  • Check your websites, personal and business stationery, advertising materials, personal and business checks, contact information, personal or pet ID tags, and other such items to ensure the area code is included.

What will remain the same after the Ohio 937 / 326 area code overlay is implemented?

The following items will remain the same and won’t change:

  • Your phone number, including current area code
  • The price of a call, coverage area or other rates and services
  • Calls that are considered local now will remain local calls, regardless of the number of digits entered
  • 911 calls aren’t affected, only 3 digits are required
  • If 211, 311, 411, 511, 611, 711 or 811 are currently available in your community, you’ll still be able to call them by entering just 3 digits.


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