Projects Along Far Hills Avenue

Far Hills Avenue Stormwater Inlet Repair and Concrete Curb Replacement
In 2023, the City will repair a series of stormwater inlets along the east and west sides of Far Hills Avenue, and will replace numerous sections of concrete roadway curbing, mostly between East Drive and Patterson Road. This project is being completed in advance of the 2024 Far Hills Avenue resurfacing.

Far Hills Storm Sewer Reconstruction (in the Dellwood, Greenmount, Forrer and Devereux areas)
An engineering study of the existing storm sewer in this area of Far Hills Avenue found several storm sewers that are reaching the end of their useful life, and are undersized and no longer able to accommodate intense rainfall events.  Design work was completed in the fall on a replacement storm sewer system crossing Far Hills Avenue at Greenmount Boulevard; on Dellwood Avenue from Far Hills to East Schantz; Forrer Boulevard from Far Hills to East Schantz; and along a section of Devereux Drive north of Forrer Road.  The project is anticipated to begin in late spring or early summer.

2024 Far Hills Asphalt Mill and Overlay
As work from multiple projects leaves Far Hills Avenue with many patches, 2024 will include the removal and replacement of the entire asphalt roadway surface from the south to the north corporation lines in the city of Oakwood. The Ohio Department of Transportation Urban Paving Program will provide a majority of the funding for this resurfacing project. This roadway was last resurfaced in 2011.

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