Projects In Other Areas Of Oakwood

CenterPoint Gas Line Improvements
CenterPoint (formerly Vectren) continues replacing underground gas distribution pipes and home service lines in Oakwood neighborhoods.  The CenterPoint project maps identify work programmed for 2023.  In all work areas, CenterPoint is installing new polyethylene pipes in place of old steel and cast iron pipes and is moving indoor gas meters to outside wall locations.  This is the continuation of a multi-year CenterPoint infrastructure replacement project in Oakwood scheduled to be completed in 2023.  Oakwood residents personally affected by the work will receive detailed information from CenterPoint.  Contact Public Works Foreman Tom Long at (937) 298-0777 with questions about the work, or reference the CenterPoint pipeline projects map at:

Asphalt Roadway Resurfacing
The 2023 asphalt repaving project will take place on the streets identified below. The City Public Works Department will do some utility work and tree trimming on these streets in advance of the repaving. Property owners on these roadways will receive direct notification from the city regarding the repaving schedule. The repaving project typically takes about one week to complete.

  • E. Schantz Avenue between Far Hills Avenue & Lookout Drive
  • Lookout Drive (All)
  • Acacia Drive (All)
  • E. Thruston Boulevard between Woods Road & Acorn Drive
  • Hathaway Road between Patterson Road and North end
  • Alley between Rubicon Road & Oakwood Avenue
  • Alley between Ridgewood Avenue & E. Schantz Avenue

Concrete Street Repairs
Repairs will be made to several concrete streets throughout Oakwood, which may include concrete replacement or asphalt patching. The City will inform impacted property owners prior to the start of work.

Annual Sidewalk, Curb and Driveway Apron Repair Project
The 2023 Sidewalk, Curb and Driveway Apron Repair Project will take place in the southwest quadrant of the City, including all areas of Oakwood west of Far Hills Avenue and south of Park Road.  The purpose of the project is to maintain the concrete structures located within the City rights-of-way in a good, safe condition.  City staff will inspect the areas and mark sections of concrete requiring repairs.  Residents affected by the work will receive personal notification regarding their responsibilities.  Please call Public Works Foreman David Shuey at (937) 298-0777 if you have any questions.  For those who choose to do the repair work themselves, please remember to obtain a permit in advance and that all work must be inspected and completed by the date in the notification.   This 2024 project will occur in the southeast quadrant of Oakwood.

Gardner Pool Deck Replacement
The Gardner Pool project is well underway.  The work includes demolition and replacement of the concrete deck; installation of fencing around the zero depth wading pool (children’s pool) and south side of the pool along Patterson Road; and installing new pool lifeguard stands and diving platforms.

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