Where can I learn about options for schools in Oakwood?

The Oakwood Board of Education (937- 297-5332) offers exceptional public education to the Oakwood Community.  For families with children, the biggest attraction Oakwood offers is the quality of its schools. Oakwood City Schools have a century-long tradition of excellence and placing student success first. This is a community fully committed to public education, and citizens back that up through their active involvement in school activities and by voting their support at the ballot box. Alumni and community members help to enhance the educational experience by donating to The Oakwood Schools Foundation, established to ensure that the excellence of an Oakwood education will be available for generations to come. Oakwood citizens recognize that their support of high-quality schools pays off in strong property values, an informed and involved citizenry, and a community and region that attract corporate investment.

Oakwood is also fortunate to be home to five outstanding schools:

Lange School
Address: 219 W. Dorothy Lane, Dayton, OH 45429
Phone: (937) 299-8730

Harman School
Address: 735 Harman Avenue, Oakwood, OH 45419
Phone: (937) 297-5338

Smith Elementary
Address: 1701 Shafor Boulevard, Oakwood, OH 45419
Phone: (937) 297-5335

Oakwood Junior High School
Address: 1200 Far Hills Avenue, Oakwood, OH 45419
Phone: (937) 297-5328

Oakwood High School
Address: 1200 Far Hills Avenue, Oakwood, OH 45419
Phone: (937) 297-5325

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