Sprinkling & Irrigation Meters – Deduct Meters

Separate meters may be installed that are solely used for sprinkling or irrigation. All such meters must be obtained from the city of Oakwood and shall remain the property of the city of Oakwood.  The cost for the meter, installation and maintenance is the sole responsibility of the property owner.

Sprinkling and irrigation meters may be installed, at the owner’s expense, on a “direct read” or a “deduction” basis.

  1. A direct read installation is one which the sprinkling and irrigation is kept separate from the water used by the home. A meter installed in a direct read fashion incurs a minimum monthly fee regardless of usage.
  2. A deduction installation is used where the sprinkling and irrigation water is taken from the water that has already passed through the home’s master meter. The reading from the deduction meter is deducted off the sanitary sewer usage billed on the homes utility bill. A meter installed in a deduction read faction does incur a minimum monthly fee.

The city of Kettering inspects and issues permits for sprinkling and irrigation meters. Oakwood cannot release a meter until all costs have been paid and the inspections have been completed.  Any meter that is connected to an irrigation system is required to complete an annual backflow certification at the property owner’s expense.

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