Street Projects

Asphalt Roadway Repaving

A city contractor repaved the asphalt streets below. Asphalt Resurfacing 2018Contact Foreman/Engineering Technician Tom Long at (937) 298-0777 or if you have any questions.

    • Spirea Drive
    • Greenmount Boulevard
    • Peach Orchard Avenue (Far Hills Avenue to Shroyer Road)
    • East Drive (Shafor Boulevard Avenue to Shroyer Road)
    • Hathaway Road (Patterson Road to South Corporation Line)
    • Alpine Lane
    • Hilltop Avenue
    • Fairmont Avenue
    • Hillview Avenue (Alpine Lane to South Corporation Line)

Asphalt Roadway Striping

A city contractor re-striped Oakwood roadways and parking lots.  Contact Foreman/Engineering Technician Tom Long at (937) 298-0777 or if you have any questions.

Concrete Roadway Repairs

Concrete pavement was repaired on Ridgeway Road, between Park Road and the Kettering bridge over Dorothy Lane; on Fairforest Circle, and on Park Avenue between Harman Avenue and Oakwood Avenue.  Call Street Foreman David Shuey at (937) 298-0777 with questions.

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