Street Projects

2020 Asphalt Roadway Repaving

2020 Roadway Resurfacing
The following asphalt streets were repaved.  Prior to the repaving, numerous sections of concrete curb were replaced, as were numerous concrete driveway aprons.  Additionally, the City Public Works Department repaired and adjusted 23 utility manholes.

  • Southwood Lane (East and West)
  • East Schantz Avenue from Patterson Road to Spirea Drive
  • Delaine Avenue (the entire street from Beverly Place to the Kettering corporation line south of East Drive)
  • The intersection of East Schantz Avenue and Springgrove Avenue

2020 Concrete Street Repairs
The City recently completed concrete roadway repairs on Oak Forest Drive.  Thanks to all residents living in the construction area for their patience and understanding during the period of disruption.

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