FAQ Topic: Other Common Inquiries

How do I request “No Parking” signs?

Temporary No Parking Signs may be issued by the Oakwood Public Safety Department for the purpose of reserving on-street parking spaces, when off-street parking or loading spaces are not large enough. Access Temporary No Parking Signs for additional information, and/or to request “no parking” signs.

How do I sign up for vacation house checks?

The Oakwood Public Safety Department offers a free Vacant House Check (VHC) program to all Oakwood residents. The VHC program is a crime prevention tool that can be beneficial in protecting your residence while you are away.  Once enrolled in the program, Public Safety Officers will make periodic checks of your residence while you are … Continued

Are fire pits allowed in Oakwood?

Yes, fire pits are permitted subject to our open burning regulations. Violations should be reported to the Public Safety Department at (937) 298-2122.

How do I get a parking pass?

The Oakwood Public Safety Department distributes parking passes. Access Resident Parking Permits for additional information.  

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