FAQ Topic: Yard Debris & Leaves

Does the City offer leaf mulch?

The city of Oakwood contracts to have Oakwood leaves ground into mulch and returned in the spring as leaf mulch available to residents.  Mulch orders may be placed by calling the Public Works Department at (937) 298-0777. Deliveries take place on selected Saturdays in April and May.   On the same Saturdays as the deliveries occur, … Continued

What are alternative ways to dispose of yard debris?

In addition to the monthly pickup, the city offers the following alternative ways of discarding yard debris: Yard Waste Dumpster Delivery – If you are completing a major yard cleanup project, you can schedule a city dumpster to be delivered to your property. There is no charge for this service if the container is used … Continued

Where should I put my yard debris for collection?

Residents may place piles of yard debris – brush and branches – into the tree lawn area at their property frontage just behind the curb or edge of pavement for pickup by the city. Pieces should be no longer than 6 feet in length and in a manageable pile that is away from trees, poles, … Continued

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