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Birth Certificates (Abstracts)

Birth certificates (abstracts) are available for all registered births within the state of Ohio.  Please note that birth data was converted from old records with information that was at times illegible, so please be prepared with possible variations of the person’s name for the requested record (nicknames, alternate spellings, etc.), and the same for the person’s parents.

FEES: $30.00 per certified copy. We accept cash only, except for Oakwood residents and funeral homes, or if paid through the city of Oakwood’s Online Bill Pay.


Requests for birth certificates (abstracts) may be made in person or by mail.  The Vital Statistics office must have the following:

  1. Completed application.
  2. Payment of applicable fees ($30.00 per certificate).
  3. Self-addressed stamped envelope, if you wish to have the certified copies mailed.  Please note that the Vital Statistics office is not responsible for mailed certificates that are not received by the intended recipient.

The application must be filled out with as much detail as possible so that the record can be located.

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