FAQ Topic: Trash & Recycling

Why did I receive an orange tag on my trash and/or recycling can?

Where necessary, the Public Works Department will place orange tags to communicate why your trash and/or recycling containers could not be collected.  With our unique back-door collection service, we strive to provide you the service you expect, while keeping our workers safe. The orange tags will list the reason for non-collection such as: vehicle in driveway; … Continued

Where can I get recycling stickers?

Free “Recyclables” stickers to mark containers are available 24/7 in the lobby at City Hall, or at the Foell Public Works Center from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

How can I dispose of hazardous material?

Do not include hazardous material with your refuse. This includes paints, herbicides, pesticides, oils, etc. See the Montgomery County Solid Waste District website at www.mcswd.org for additional information. The Oakwood Rotary offers a free service quarterly whereby volunteers will pick up hazardous waste. Contact the Rotary at (937) 296-5155 to sign up for this service.

What are the guidelines for setting out my trash cans?

Information on pick-up days is available by map. Cans must have handles and detachable, tight-fitting lids. Trash cans must be placed on the side of the garage or in front of the garage. Vehicles must be removed from the driveway on pick-up day. Up to three 35-gallon cans may be set out; an unlimited amount … Continued

May I include large or bulk items with my weekly trash?

We recommend that you schedule a special pickup for large and/or bulk items.  Each property owner receives two free special pickups per year.  Please contact the Public Works Department at (937) 298-0777 to schedule a special pickup.  

Who do I call if my trash was missed?

You can either submit the Missed Refuse Online Form, or contact the Public Works Department at (937) 298-0777 as soon as possible to report that your trash was missed.  We will coordinate having your trash picked up as soon as possible.

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