General Information

Tax Rate: 2.50% 
  • Calendar year end returns are due April 15
  • Residents of the City of Oakwood are allowed a 90% credit for taxes due and paid to other cities on the same income taxed by Oakwood
  • Forms may be obtained by calling our office at (937) 298-0531 or go directly to the forms page.
  • The City of Oakwood Income Tax Department accepts credit card and debit card payments through the city of Oakwood’s online bill pay.

Who Must File


All residents of the city of Oakwood (18 years of age and older) are required to file a city income tax return with the Tax Department on an annual basis. The term “resident” applies to anyone whose permanent legal domicile is located in the city of Oakwood. This includes persons who own their homes and those who rent the apartment or home in which they live. If you have questions about your residency status, please contact the Income Tax Department.

Retired individuals who have income derived exclusively from non-taxable sources may be exempt from the annual tax filing after filing a final return showing zero taxable income.

Part-Year Residents

If you lived in Oakwood during part of the taxable year, you must file a tax return covering that time. Report the amount of income you earned while you lived in Oakwood. Pay statements with year-to-date figures or a statement from your payroll department must be used if available. If you pro-rate your income, you must also pro-rate your city tax that was withheld on the same income. Attach a worksheet to your return explaining your calculations.


Non-residents earning income (including salaries, wages, compensation or profits which result from work performed, services rendered, business transacted or activities located within the city of Oakwood, including Oakwood rental properties) from which Oakwood tax has not been withheld at the correct rate of 2.50%.

Estimated Tax Payments

Individual taxpayers who expect to earn taxable income, which is not subject to withholding at a rate equal to or greater than 2.50%, are required to make quarterly estimated tax payments if their tax liability will exceed $200.00. Quarterly estimated tax payments are due on or before April 15, June 15, September 15, and January 15.  Forms may be obtained by calling our office at (937) 298-0531 or go directly to the forms page.

The information contained above is intended to provide a brief summary of filing requirements and does not cover all possible circumstances.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Income Tax Department at (937) 298-0531 weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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