All resident individual taxpayers 18 years of age and older are required by law to file an annual Oakwood income tax return regardless of whether you have any income to report, any tax liability or filed a federal income tax return.

Students, who are away at college, typically have not relinquished their Oakwood residency unless they have established residency in another area. In order to change your residency to somewhere outside of Oakwood, you need to change:

  • Where you are registered to vote, as you cannot vote as an Oakwood resident;
  • The address on your driver’s license;
  • The address to where your car is licensed; and,
  • The address listed on tax returns filed (federal, state and local) with a non-Oakwood address (optional.) If you continue using your parent’s Oakwood address for mailing purposes only, you need to provide your physical address when filing your final Oakwood income tax return.

The final return you file with the city of Oakwood should be marked final and list the date that you permanently moved outside of the city.

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