**Due to equipment currently out of service, refuse and recycling are being picked up by separate crews.**

The due date for filing your 2020 City of Oakwood income tax return has been extended to May 17, 2021.

Beautification Committee Members

NameAppointedTerm Expires
Katy Dalrymple, Chair2/7/200512/31/2020
Jacob Fromholt, Secretary2/2/202012/31/2022
Members at Large
Nancy Drozd6/13/201112/31/2020
Geoffrey Owens7/21/201412/31/2020
Stanley Herr6/9/200812/31/2020
Jane Lieberth1/7/201512/31/2020
Connie Epley3/4/201912/31/2021
Gregg Smith6/13/201112/31/2020
Ted Kircher6/4/201812/31/2020
Heidi Susta6/4/201812/31/2020
Yury Chorny6/3/201912/31/2021
Peter Davies6/3/201912/31/2021
Ex-Officio Members
Robert Stephens, Council
Carol Collins, Staff
Brian Caldwell, Staff


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