City Facilities are currently open. Visit Oakwood Facility Reopening for additional information.  Playground equipment, splash pads, restrooms and drinking fountains at all city parks remain closed.  Please note that Oakwood income tax returns and payments are extended to July 15, 2020.

Property Maintenance Board Members

NameAppointedTerm Expires
District “A”
Chuck Ellis1/6/200312/31/2022
Judy Caruso1/7/200212/31/2021
Kathy Luckett3/3/200812/31/2024
District “B”
Kip Bohachek, Chair1/20/199212/31/2020
John Donnelly6/3/201912/31/2024
Bill Draper6/3/201912/31/2024
District “C”
Alex Heckman3/12/201812/31/2022
Tim Judge3/12/201812/31/2022
Judy Steiger6/9/200312/31/2021
District “D”
Cheryl Young3/3/200312/31/2022
Polly Petricola1/3/200612/31/2024
Jane Lieberth1/7/200212/31/2021
District “E”
Larry Lamb9/19/201612/31/2020
Susan Herman2/5/200112/31/2020
Michael O’Connell1/7/200212/31/2021
Jennifer Wilder, Staff
Ethan Kroger, Staff


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