Board of Health Members

Meetings – 4th Tuesday of every other month – 5:30 p.m.
Term of office:  5 years

Name Appointed Term Expires
Dr. David Denka, D.O., Board Member, Chair 2/7/2005 12/31/2024
Dr. Bill Coyne, D.D.S., Board Member, Vice Chair 9/19/2016 12/31/2026
Dr. Elizabeth Maimon, DVM, M.P.H., Board Member 12/7/2015 12/31/2025
Diane Scott, R.N., Board Member 1/7/2013 12/31/2027
Dr. Elizabeth Hardy, PhD 4/3/2023 12/31/2027
Dr. Steve Enseleit, MD, Health Commissioner 1/1/2019
Dr. John Ewing, MD, Assistant Health Commissioner and
Medical Director
Matthew Tyler, R.S., Environmental Health Director
William Duncan, President (Oakwood Mayor)
Norbert Klopsch, Administrator (Oakwood City Manager)


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