Oakwood Beautification Awards

The Oakwood Beautification Award Program recognizes property owners who have enhanced the beauty of our community by undertaking exterior improvements to their home, rental property or business.  Awards are given during the months of May, June, July and August.  Monthly award winners are selected by members of the Property Maintenance Board, and will have a sign placed in their yard to recognize their beautification efforts.

Oakwood Beautification Award Nomination Form

Beautification Sign 2022

Congratulations to the following 2024 Beautification Award winners!


Althea Harper & Stewart Adam, 347 Schenck Avenue
Karleen Materne, 40 W. Schantz Avenue
Jeff & Susan Purks, 626 Garden Road
Ashley & Jon Coyne, 810 E. Schantz Avenue
Marsh & Dick Stevens, 40 Wiltshire Boulevard
Brenda & Christian Hess, 25 Aberdeen Avenue
Jeffrey & Kimber Coudron, 147 Hadley Avenue
Carol Fleck, 416 E. Peach Orchard Avenue
Laura & Robert Peterson, 2626 Delaine Avenue
Vladimir Benin, 406 Claranna Avenue
Caitlin & Joseph Deer, 310 Dellwood Avenue
Chris & Terri Jones, 145 Peach Orchard Road
Jacqueline & Joshua Gall, 1180 Harman Avenue
Sarah & Benjamin Martin, 9 Wisteria Drive
Brad & Maria Gecowets, 1201 Runnymede Road
The Little Exchange, 45 Park Avenue


Charrisa Rand, 621 Orlando Terrace
Jane Maney, 300 Southview Road
Marilyn & Gary Mitchner, 108 Patterson Road
Patty & Paul Vanderburgh, 320 Acorn Drive
Janet & Gregory Schnittger, 404 Wiltshire Boulevard
Connie Filbrun, 233 Aberdeen Avenue
Beth & Jeremy Wilson, 324 E. Peach Orchard Avenue
Karen Ciambrone, 338 Wonderly Avenue
Doug Kinsey, 315 Triangle Avenue
India & John Clarke, 112 Beverly Place
Maria & Reji John, 203 Greenmount Boulevard
Taylor & Mike Russell, 420 Kramer Road
Lorna Waters-Tellez, 1660 Ridgeway Road
Nicholas Fischio , 30-34 Wisteria Drive
Dr. Thomas Olsen & Mary Boosalis, 524 Walnut Springs Drive
Wright Library, 1776 Far Hills Avenue

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