TRASH DELAY:  Trash pickup for all routes the week of January 17 will be one day later than usual.  Monday’s route will be picked up Tuesday; Tuesday’s route will be picked up Wednesday; Wednesday’s route will be picked up Thursday; and Thursday’s route will be picked up Friday.

Sidewalk Encroachment

Sidewalk EncroachmentTrees and other vegetation are an important part of Oakwood’s ambiance, but proper maintenance is essential for reasons of public safety and community asthetics.

The city’s Code Enforcement Officer conducts city-wide sidewalk inspections twice each year to identify locations where trees or vegetation are encroaching public sidewalks.

What is an encroachment?

Basically if there is less than 8 feet of height clearance above the sidewalk, or if there is any material that breaks the vertical plane extending upward from either side of the sidewalk, and any point from ground level up to 8 feet, then the tree or vegetation would be considered an encroachment.

Why do we care?

Oakwood is a walkable and bikeable community, and sidewalk encroachments can force walkers and bikers into the street if they are not able to pass.

What happens when the Code Enforcement Officer sees an encroachment?

If it’s minor, like a branch, we may trim it on the spot.  If it’s more significant, then a Yellow Tag will be left at the address that allows 5 days for the trimming to take place. If not corrected within 5 days, Oakwood Public Works may be called in to trim, depending upon the severity of the encroachment, or a citation may be issued.

Our goal is passable sidewalks for your enjoyment!

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