Pre-Sale Inspection Program

To transfer legal or equitable ownership of any real estate premises within the City of Oakwood, the current owner must first obtain a pre-sale inspection.

It is an unlawful act to transfer the legal or equitable ownership of any real estate premises without having obtained an inspection and without furnishing the prospective new owner a true copy of any conditional Certificate of Occupancy or other notice of violation and obtaining a signed receipt for it.

The purpose of the inspection is to verify that all property, buildings and structures are safe, sanitary and fit for occupation and use consistent with the requirements of the Oakwood Zoning and Property Maintenance Codes.

Applications for inspection are available above, and inspections may be scheduled once both a completed application and payment of fees are received by the city.

Inspections will be scheduled once a completed application form and payment of the inspection fee has been received at city offices. An inspection is valid for one year from the date of the inspection, so this can be done ahead of time and avoid a time crunch when you have a buyer.

An inspector will meet the property owner (or real estate agent) and perform a brief inspection of both the interior and exterior of the property for compliance with the building, zoning, and property maintenance codes.

You can prepare for this inspection by reviewing the Inspection Checklist.

Once an inspection is complete, and any violations are remedied, a Certificate of Occupancy is generated, which is necessary for closing on the property.

Please contact the Zoning Office with any questions about the Pre-Sale Inspection process.

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