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Zoning FAQs

Do I need a permit for a temporary yard sign?

Temporary yard signs in a residential district do not require a permit.

Temporary signs of any nature in a business district may require a permit. Contact the Code Enforcement Officer for more information.

Can I have a temporary yard sign in a residential district?

Yes, temporary lawn signs may be placed in your yard per the parameters below:

  • no commercial advertising;
  • individual signs must be smaller than 6 square feet in area, and shorter than 4 feet in height;
  • combined total surface area of temporary signs cannot exceed 12 square feet in area;
  • signs must be in good condition.

For more information, see Title 12 Signs in the Oakwood Zoning Code.

Is a permit required for completing utility work on my property?

Yes!  Please review the Property Owner Utility Work guidelines.

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