Zoning FAQs

Does the city have a drop box?

Yes, there are two drop boxes available for residents to submit payments, forms, employment applications, and other documents to the city.

There is a drop box located just inside the city building’s front door, which is open 24 hours a day, and drops directly into the city administration offices.

Don’t want to get out of your car? There is a drive-up drop box located in the alley across from the city building, between 23 and 31 Park Avenue.

Do I need a permit for a temporary yard sign?

Temporary yard signs in a residential district do not require a permit.

Temporary signs of any nature in a business district may require a permit. Contact the Code Enforcement Officer for more information.

Can I have a temporary yard sign in a residential district?

Yes, temporary lawn signs may be placed in your yard per the parameters below:

  • no commercial advertising;
  • individual signs must be smaller than 6 square feet in area, and shorter than 4 feet in height;
  • combined total surface area of temporary signs cannot exceed 12 square feet in area;
  • signs must be in good condition.

For more information, see Title 12 Signs in the Oakwood Zoning Code.

Is a permit required for completing utility work on my property?

Yes!  Please review the Property Owner Utility Work guidelines.

Does the city have a survey or drawing of my property?

No, generally all construction drawings were recorded by the builder at Montgomery County offices, or additionally records may be available at the Reibold building.

Can you find my property lines/pins or survey my lot?

The Code Enforcement Officer may assist you in attempting to locate your property lines/pins; however, you may need to hire a professional surveyor.

How many tenants can I have in my rental property?

The Oakwood Zoning Code regulates residential group rentals, and prohibits more than two unrelated persons from living together in a single family dwelling unit.

How much does a housing inspection cost?

All pre-sale and rental housing inspections are $60.00 and payment must accompany the inspection application, or use our Online Bill Pay with additional $1.95 fee.

How do I schedule a Pre-Sale or Rental Housing inspection?

Download and complete an inspection application, and return to 30 Park Ave, Oakwood Ohio 45419, or email to zoning@oakwoodohio.gov. Once both the application and $60 fee are received, an inspection can be scheduled. Please be sure someone is available to meet the inspector at the property.

How do I apply for a permit?

Fill out a permit application, and return to 30 Park Ave, Oakwood Ohio 45419, or email to zoning@oakwoodohio.gov.  Zoning permits have a $40 fee, and payment must accompany the permit application, or use our Online Bill Pay with additional $1.95 fee. Contact the Oakwood Code Enforcement Officer at (937) 297-2920 with any questions.

The city of Oakwood contracts with the city of Kettering to perform Building Department services for structural, electrical and plumbing home improvement projects.  Apply online at www.ketteringoh.org/access. Kettering city offices are located at 3600 Shroyer Road, Kettering, Ohio 45429.  Contact the Kettering Building Department at (937) 296-2441.

How do I know if a permit is required?

Please review our Home Improvement Permit Requirements Chart.  If you are still not sure, please contact the Oakwood Code Enforcement Officer at (937) 297-2920 or via email to zoning@oakwoodohio.gov.

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