City Facilities Alert:  All City Facilities are closed to the public. City Staff is available at each facility to assist during the closure periods via phone or email.  Please visit Oakwood Facility Closings for additional information. Oakwood income tax return and payments are extended to July 15, 2020. 

Gardner Pool

Gardner PoolGardner Pool Hours

Gardner Pool is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Hours are 12 Noon – 8:00 p.m. daily until school starts up in August, then it is Monday – Friday 3:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 12 Noon – 8 p.m.

Policies for Gardner Pool

You must be a resident of the City of Oakwood to have a pool membership.

Membership cards must be shown each time you come to the pool and will be kept with the gate attendant for admittance each visit.

Report lost cards immediately to the pool manager.  Replacement cards may be purchased for $2.00 at the OCC.

Guests of members must purchase a guest pass each visit.  Member must be present for the entire length of visit.

Babysitters of members must have a babysitter pass.  (member must purchase)



Pool Membership Card (purchase at the OCC)

Pool passes will be issued to each member.  Individual passes must be shown and given to attendant each time you come to the pool.  No one will be admitted unless they have a pass or pay a $6 guest fee.  Passes may be picked up at the OCC front office beginning Monday, May 13th if you have already purchased your pass. Only an adult parent or guardian will be able to pick up the passes for the family.  NO PASSES WILL BE GIVEN TO CHILDREN.  Passes purchased after May 13th will take 2-3 days to process.  We will not be passing out passes at the OCC after Noon on Friday, May 24th.  If you did not pick up your pass before that time, they will be available at the pool front gate beginning Saturday, May 25th. Members will be required to sign for their card.


Babysitter Pass (purchase at the pool)

Pool members may purchase a pass for their child’s babysitter, which is good for 10 visits.  The babysitter must be at least 16 years of age and   responsible for children ages 10 and under.

Fees: $25


House-Guest Pass (purchase at the pool)

A pool member may purchase a house-guest pass for individuals visiting and staying in the member’s home.  The member must always accompany the house-guest. The pass is good for seven consecutive days.

Fees: $30 for up to three people, $35 for more than three people

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