Sidewalk Assessment Notices

Two legal notices about sidewalk assessments were printed in the May 15 edition of the Oakwood Register and have caused some confusion. These were routine notices related to the city’s annual Sidewalk, Curb, and Driveway Apron Repair Program.  The notices list all streets that are within the geographic limits of the 2022 and 2023 project areas, including streets that may not have sidewalks.  Residents should note that this does not mean new sidewalks are, or were, to be constructed.  These notices pertain to repairs only, and to work that was done in 2022 and 2023.  The only costs being assessed are costs that remain unpaid after the affected property owners were invoiced.

Smith Memorial Gardens

SG Cottage June 2022

Smith Memorial Gardens is located on less than one acre at the corner of Oakwood Avenue and Walnut Lane.  Smith Gardens boasts one of the "finest tiny public gardens in Ohio. It's like a secret treasure on an ordinary side street." - Ohio Magazine, April, 1996. Various plants and flowers attract birds, small creatures and butterflies for the public's enjoyment. Blanket concerts and story hour are held once a month during the summer months. The gardens also include a garden house which can be scheduled for activities such as the Perennial Sale, which is held in April of each year. While the gardens are supported by general fund tax dollars, membership in the Friends of Smith Gardens helps defray costs associated with the maintenance of this special place. Weddings, tours and small parties can be arranged. The public is invited to visit during all seasons, the gardens are open to the public during daylight hours, seven days a weeks.

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