Johnny Appleseed Street Tree Project

The Johnny Appleseed Street Tree Project began in 1976 in an effort to support the City of Oakwood’s commitment to urban forestry and the environment. Through this project , the City offers residents a 50% discount on several species of desirable trees to be planted in the median area between sidewalks and streets. Many trees have been added to the city’s neighborhoods, increasing property values and enriching the environment.

2023 Johnny Appleseed Tree Planting Project
Applications and detailed brochures describing the project and tree species are available below or at the Oakwood Community Center.  The trees selected are approximately 2 inches in diameter and are discounted 50% to residents.  One tree will be allocated for each approved property site at the discounted price.  The tree must be planted in the city right-of-way.  Trees will be planted by a local nursery in late November or early December.  All trees will be wrapped, staked, mulched and guaranteed for one growing season.  For more details, call Horticulturist Brian Caldwell at (937) 298-0775.

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