Sidewalk Assessment Notices

Two legal notices about sidewalk assessments were printed in the May 15 edition of the Oakwood Register and have caused some confusion. These were routine notices related to the city’s annual Sidewalk, Curb, and Driveway Apron Repair Program.  The notices list all streets that are within the geographic limits of the 2022 and 2023 project areas, including streets that may not have sidewalks.  Residents should note that this does not mean new sidewalks are, or were, to be constructed.  These notices pertain to repairs only, and to work that was done in 2022 and 2023.  The only costs being assessed are costs that remain unpaid after the affected property owners were invoiced.



  1. The parks will be open to the public between 8:00 a.m. and dark unless otherwise specified.
  2. No person shall throw or place any glass, tacks, metal, stone, earthenware or other substance likely to cause injury to any person.
  3. Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades and scooters are not to be ridden in the parks and shall be parked in appropriate racks and may not remain in the park overnight.
  4. All refuse, rubbish or litter of any kind shall be placed in appropriate receptacles.
  5. No animals are permitted in the parks.
  6. No person shall write upon, cut, mutilate or deface any building, fence, bench, masonry, statue, fountain, ornament, tree or other public property.
  7. No person shall dig, remove or carry away any sod, sand, earth, tree, shrub, plant or flower, or trample same, break or deface any tree, plant, or shrub.
  8. Gambling in any form is forbidden.
  9. No person shall discharge firearms, throw or propel stones or other objects from any weapon, slingshot or other device.
  10. No alcoholic beverages are permitted, except as authorized in writing by the City Manager who may request the consideration of Council.
  11. No person shall throw, cast or dump any dirt, earth, gravel, sand, rubbish or any other material whatsoever.
  12. No climbing is permitted on shelters, fences, trees, benches, masonry, statues, fountains, ornaments or equipment unless the equipment is specifically designed for that purpose.
  13. Tennis courts shall be used for tennis only except as specifically authorized by permission of the City Manager or his authorized representative. Users will be required to follow posted regulations and dress codes.
  14. Infant swings shall not be used by anyone over fifty pounds.
  15. No person shall stand on swings.
  16. No glass containers are permitted in the park.
  17. Scheduling: Park facilities and grounds shall be scheduled by the City through the Director of Leisure Services.  Refusal to comply with scheduling requirements shall be deemed a violation of these park rules.
  18. All persons using the park are responsible for controlling noise on the premises generally and for prohibiting the use of any mechanical, electrical, amplification or other device, which would project or carry sound or noise beyond the park boundaries. No amplification devices are allowed.
  19. City and park employees shall have the right to prohibit use of the park for a specified length of time for anyone violating these rules or otherwise endangering the health, safety and welfare of the park or users of the park. Person(s) so prohibited who wish to appeal the decision shall file such appeal with the Leisure Services Director.
  20. BB guns, slingshots or weapons of any kind are not allowed in our parks. Anyone violating this order is subject to the respective fines and confiscation of the items.
  21. No open fires of any kind are permitted.
  22. Metal detectors are not permitted in the parks.
  23. No person or persons shall sell goods, materials or services in the parks without permission of the City Manager or his authorized representative.
  24. No grilling is allowed in the parks.
  25. Inflatable play toys, tents, animals (pony rides, etc.) are prohibited.
  26. No food trucks of any kind are allowed on any streets in Oakwood including the cul-de-sac near Shafor Park or in any area near or around any of the parks/natural areas in Oakwood.



  • Two 10’ tables in the shelter area
  • No electrical outlets
  • Water features run from Memorial Day weekend through September (weather dependent)


  • Four 8’ tables in shelter area
  • Electrical outlets
  • Water feature runs from Memorial Day weekend through September (weather dependent)


  • No shelter
  • 2 picnic tables
  • No electrical outlets
  • No water features
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