Pedestrian Safety

The latest edition of the Oakwood Scene city newsletter includes an article addressing the use of city streets for walking, jogging and running.  Over the past several months, an increasing number of walkers, joggers and runners are using city streets.  Subsequently, the Oakwood Public Safety Department has received an increase in complaints from motorists about pedestrians, joggers and runners failing to yield to vehicular traffic while using the streets.

Section 371.05 of the Oakwood Traffic Code addresses all of the specific requirements regarding the use of public roadways.  This Code and all other Oakwood Codified Ordinances can be found by accessing our online Codified Ordinances.  Below are a few highlights on city laws governing pedestrians, joggers and runners using streets. The Safety Department requests that everyone follow these laws so both motorists and pedestrians/joggers/runners are safe.

  • Pedestrians/joggers/runners are required to proceed as close as practicable to the curb on his or her left and must face vehicular traffic.
  • Pedestrians/joggers/runners must proceed in a single file when traffic is approaching from the front or rear.
  • Except as otherwise provided in Code Section 313.03 (relating to rights-of-way at intersections controlled by traffic lights) and in Code Section 371.01 (relating to pedestrians in a crosswalk), every pedestrian/jogger/runner upon a roadway shall yield the right-of-way to all vehicles.
  • During the time from one-half hour before sunset to one-half hour before sunrise, at other times when there are unfavorable atmospheric conditions (including insufficient natural light) which prevents persons from being clearly discernible at a distance of 300 feet, every pedestrian/jogger/runner shall:
    1. Wear between the neck and waist material such as a vest, sash band or tape which is reflectorized as to be discernible clearly at night from a distance of 300 feet; or
    2. Vacate the non-crosswalk roadway immediately upon the approach of a vehicle from the front of the pedestrian, and also vacate the roadway at any intersection or driveway where a vehicle is approaching the roadway and remain off the roadway until the vehicle has passed the pedestrian.

Walking, jogging or running in the street is prohibited at all times on Far Hills Avenue, Schantz Avenue from Oakwood Avenue to the west corporation limits, Patterson Road between Far Hills Avenue and the east corporation limit, Shroyer Road between the north and south city corporation limits and on Oakwood Avenue from Far Hills Avenue to the north corporation limits.

Bottom line – there are very real, sometimes unavoidable, dangers when walking, jogging and running on city streets.  Key words to remember includes: Be Aware; See And Be Seen; Avoid Running With Headphones; Carry ID.

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