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Acceptable Containers

  • Standard metal or plastic refuse containers.
  • Containers must not exceed 35 gallon capacity, except for properties abutting alleys that use 96 gallon roll waste containers.
  • Loaded 35 gallon or less containers must not weigh more than 60 pounds.
  • Containers must have lifting handles and detachable, tight-fitting lids.
  • Containers must be maintained in a sanitary condition.
  • All animal wastes must be bagged securely and placed in a container.
  • Sawdust and any other items which may scatter or create dust when dumped must be bagged or otherwise containerized.
  • Any items which may pose a health hazard to city employees must be properly sealed and containerized.
  • Separate, marked container(s) must be provided by the property owner for co-mingled recyclables. The co-mingled recyclables may include paper, metal, plastic, glass, cardboard and newspaper. (NOTE: Free stickers for recycling containers are available
    at City Hall and at the Foell Public Works Center).
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