Leaf Collection

We will begin our annual leaf collection program on Monday, October 11.  As in previous years, the program will provide bi-weekly leaf pickups of all areas throughout the city.  The City is divided into ten sections with each being collected on a 2-week interval as shown on the yard debris collection maps.    The program is scheduled to continue until Friday, December 17, but will be shortened or extended if conditions warrant.  We will make every effort to stay on this schedule, but may vary a bit from time to time based on weather conditions, volume and other factors.  Please place leaves in the street gutter, ideally just a day or two before the pick-up.  Leaves must be unbagged and spread out along property frontages so that traffic flow is not impeded.  Citizens interested in dumping their own leaves may do so 24-7 in the yard debris dumpster located at the Creager Field parking lot (Shafor and Irving), or at the public works yard, 210 Shafor Boulevard, between 8 a.m. and 12 noon on the following dates:

  • Saturday, October 2
  • Saturday, November 6
  • Saturday, December 4

2021 Leaf Collection Press Release

  • Leaves are collected on a 2-week schedule.
  • Please try to coordinate leaf raking according to the city’s pickup schedule.
  • Do not park vehicles in the street or otherwise block leaf piles on the scheduled pickup day.
  • Leaves should be neatly placed in rows in the gutter along the edge of the street.
  • Please do not include yard debris, branches, pumpkins, straw or other debris with leaf piles. All pumpkins and other similar decorations should go in the regular trash.
  • If you are unable to place the leaves in the street, place them within the tree lawn area, just behind the curb, along the edge of the roadway, or along a paved driveway. If leaves are not visible from the street, call (937) 298-0777 to advise us of the location prior to the scheduled collection day.
  • For special situations where there is not a convenient location to place leaves, call (937) 298-0777 to schedule the use of a city dumpster, free of charge.
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