Well Field Protection Program

The city of Oakwood has an Ohio EPA approved Well Field Protection Program (WFPP) that provides a means for protecting our underground water resources.  One component of the WFPP is the Aquifer Characterization and Protection Area Delineation report.  That report defines a wellhead protection area boundary which encompasses land above and surrounding our wells.

People living and working in wellhead protection areas must exercise caution to keep contaminants off the ground where they might seep into the underground drinking water supply.  If you are the owner of a residential property that is located within the Oakwood wellhead protection area boundary, we ask that you complete and submit the form below to help keep our water protected.

“Regulated substances” as used in the three selections below, is defined to include: hazardous chemicals (including many household solvents, cleaners, paints and stains), gasoline/petroleum and derivatives, automotive fluids, carcinogens, and other toxic substances.

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