TRASH DELAY:  Trash pickup for all routes the week of January 17 will be one day later than usual.  Monday’s route will be picked up Tuesday; Tuesday’s route will be picked up Wednesday; Wednesday’s route will be picked up Thursday; and Thursday’s route will be picked up Friday.

Fire Hydrant Flushing

Annual fire hydrant flushing is typically conducted throughout the City between April and May each year.

The 2021 annual fire hydrant flushing will begin the week of April 5 and last approximately four weeks.  Please note that the hydrant flushing schedule has been extended through Friday, May 7.

West side of Far Hills Avenue:DATE
·       Oak Knoll Drive to West Peach Orchard Road 4/5, 4/6
 ·       Monteray Road to Park Road4/7
 ·       Forrer Road/Oakwood Avenue to Harman Avenue 4/8
 ·       Park Avenue to West Thruston Boulevard 4/12-4/15
 ·       Southview Road to Old River Trail 4/16
East side of Far Hills Avenue: 
 ·       Irving Avenue to Lookout Drive 4/19
 ·       East Thruston Boulevard to Patterson Road   4/20
 ·       East Dixon Avenue to Dellwood Avenue 4/21
 ·       Greenmount Boulevard to Telford Avenue 4/22
 ·       Wiltshire Boulevard to Triangle Avenue  4/26, 4/27
 ·       Orchard Drive to East Drive  4/28, 4/29


 All of Far Hills Avenue 4/30

While the hydrant flushing may cause some temporary water discoloration, the water is safe to use and will clear shortly after areas are flushed.  Please check your water for clarity prior to doing any laundry.  Should your laundry become discolored, do not dry clothes until you have had an opportunity to re-wash them in an iron removing detergent.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Harold at the Oakwood Public Works Department at (937) 298-0777 x5364.  Additional details are also available by accessing the 2021 Fire Hydrant Flushing Press Release.

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