Common Water Inquiries

Billing Inquiries

The Utility Billing Department can help you with questions relating to water charges or invoice inquiries.  Please contact them at (937) 298-0400.

Water Leaks

The City is responsible for repairing all water mains.  Water leaks that occur between the curb stop and the water main is also the City’s responsibility.  The property owner is responsible for repairing water leaks between the house and the curb stop, and for all plumbing repairs around the water meter.  Leak Adjustments & Helpful Tips

Water Hardness

Hardness is caused by natural minerals in the well water. The average hardness for Oakwood’s water is 200 milligrams per liter (or 12 grains per gallon).


Oakwood does not add fluoride to the water. Fluoride occurs naturally in Oakwood’s well water. The natural fluoride level in Oakwood’s ground water is approximately 0.21 milligrams per liter.

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water is usually caused by the release of dissolved air from water. This is quite common and harmless. When watched closely, the dissolved air or cloudiness slowly clears up.

Lead Concerns

The most common cause of lead in drinking water is the corrosion of plumbing fixtures and solder containing lead. The drinking water supplied by Oakwood from the water treatment plants do not contain lead at a detectable level.  As a precaution, lead usually can be eliminated from drinking water by allowing cold water to run until it gets as cold as it will get. This may be done before using the water for drinking or cooking.

Discolored Water

Turning on cold water from your bathtub for approximately 3-5 minutes should help remove water discoloration.

Low Water Pressure

Please  contact the Public Works Department at (937) 298-0777 to report water pressure concerns.

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