Special Pickups

Special pickups are available for household items that cannot otherwise be disposed of through the normal weekly trash collection.

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All property owners are entitled to two free special pickups per calendar year. Additional pickups may be scheduled, but a $100 fee is charged. (Note: Special scheduling arrangements can be made on pickups for residents moving in or out of town. Please give as much advance notice as possible.)

Special Pickup Regulations

  • Special pickups shall not include any regular weekly household trash.
  • All material to be collected must be placed on a driveway and be readily accessible with a front-end loader and work crew on the day of pickup.
  • No special pickups will be made from inside or behind garages or homes.
  • Items should be placed on the driveway just a day or two before the scheduled pickup.
  • Only debris generated from Oakwood properties will be collected.
  • Material must not be stacked or piled against houses, garages or fences, nor around poles, fire hydrants, manholes or other items that obstruct access.
  • No pickup items should be placed at the curb, edge of the road, tree lawn area or in boulevards.
  • Dumpsters are required for roofing debris and all other homeowner-performed remodeling projects.
  • Contractor-generated debris will not be accepted.
  • Any material with volume exceeding a single loaded dumpster container will be treated as an additional pickup.
  • The city may require the use of a dumpster after considering the size and/or nature of the debris.

Acceptable Items

A partial list of “Special Pickup” items includes:

  • Furniture, bicycles, toys, wood fencing, televisions/stereos, carpet, stoves, furnaces and water heaters.
  • Air conditioners, refrigerators or freezers (Freon must be removed in advance).

Instructions for Appliance Pickup

  • Doors must be removed and appliances purged of Freon. Contact local appliance stores for Freon evacuation. Appliances must have a company tag indicating that the Freon has been removed.
  • For gas water heaters and furnaces, you must provide a copy of the permit for installation of the new water heater or furnace. The permits are issued by the city of Kettering, (937) 296-2441. Attach a copy of the permit to the old water heater or furnace and advise the city of the permit number when calling for a special pickup.
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