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The city has refuse dumpsters available for use by Oakwood residents. These dumpsters can be used in two ways:

1. For a mixture of items, including such things as home remodeling debris, general household items, and natural materials like dirt, sod and concrete.

2. For natural materials only, including items such as dirt, sod, logs, asphalt and concrete.

Mixture of Items

Dumpsters are available for disposal of a mixture of debris from “do-it-yourself” homeowner projects only. This may include items from home remodeling or household clean-up, and yard cleanup. Dumpsters may not be used to remove debris generated by private contractors. Also, under no circumstance may dumpsters be used for the disposal of hazardous materials. Dumpsters are available for disposal of construction debris from homeowner projects only.  These dumpsters are available for do-it-yourself projects and are typically 12 cubic yards in size. Call (937) 298-0777 to learn more and to schedule a dumpster. The dumpster fee includes a base charge of $100 plus the cost the city incurs to dispose of the material.

Appropriate items include such things as: cabinets, sinks, piping, lumber, logs, brick, concrete, asphalt, dirt, sod, tile, floor covering, siding, gutters, windows and doors. Dumpsters that include a mixture of debris are disposed through the Montgomery County Refuse Transfer
Station and fees are charged based on the weight of the refuse material, and a charge for the use of the container. See Dumpster Fees below for more details.

Natural Material

Dumpsters containing natural materials only (e.g., dirt, sod, logs, asphalt and concrete) are disposed of directly to a landfill and are not based on weight. Instead, disposal is handled on a flat rate for the material and a charge for the use of the container. See Dumpster Fees below for more details.

Volume Limitations

Dumpsters are approximately 12 cubic yards in size. However, the volume of material that can be placed into a container before it is considered fully loaded will vary based on the material density. Public Works personnel will provide guidance and direction as to how full the dumpster may be loaded based on a description of the materials to be disposed. Loads that exceed the lifting capacity of city trucks will not be accepted. In the case of overloaded dumpsters, the property owner will be required to order and pay for a second container, and will be required to reload material as needed to eliminate the overloaded condition.

Time Limitations

Generally, the dumpster may be kept for up to two business days. Arrangements for pickup will be made when the delivery is scheduled.

Dumpster Fees

Total dumpster fees include a base charge of $100 per dumpster, plus disposal fees, which vary by content material:
1. Mixture of Items will incur standard disposal tonnage fees charged by the Montgomery County Refuse Transfer Station. Public Works personnel can provide a general estimate of this cost based on a description of the items to be disposed.
2. Natural Material will incur a flat disposal fee of $53.

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