City Facilities Alert:  All City Facilities are closed to the public. City Staff is available at each facility to assist during the closure periods via phone or email.  Please visit Oakwood Facility Closings for additional information.  

Water Production & Distribution

Oakwood has eight water production wells and three water treatment plants.  The City continues to maintain backup connections to the city of Dayton and Montgomery County water systems.  The total amount of water used each year is highly dependent on rainfall.  When we have a hot and dry summer, our city-wide irrigation use is significant.  The Oakwood public water system includes water production and treatment facilities, underground water distribution pipes, fire hydrants and water service lines.  The water storage tower contains 1.5 million gallons. The water distribution system includes 44 miles of underground water main pipes and 345 fire hydrants.

Permit approval is required prior to completing utility work on your property.  Please review the Property Owner Utility Work guidelines.

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