Sanitary Sewer Service

Unlike our water system, which is 100% run by the city of Oakwood, about 70% of our sanitary sewer operation costs (i.e., the wastewater treatment) are contracted through Montgomery County and the city of Dayton wastewater treatment plants.

All of the costs involved in operating and maintaining our sanitary sewer system and the costs paid to Dayton and Montgomery County for the treatment of our wastewater are paid for by the residents and businesses that use our sanitary sewer system.  And, all of the costs we pay in operating and maintaining our storm sewer system are paid by the monthly fees charged to each Oakwood property owner.  None of our general tax dollars (e.g., income tax, property tax) are used to pay for any costs related to the refuse, water, sewer and stormwater utilities.

Permit approval is required prior to completing utility work on your property.  Please review the Property Owner Utility Work guidelines.

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