All Oakwood City Buildings are experiencing technical difficulties with our phone system. The phones are down for the time being, but we are diligently working to resolve the issue.  9-1-1 AND THE NON-EMERGENCY PUBLIC SAFETY TELEPHONE NUMBER ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF SERVICE.  CALL (937) 608-1593 FOR ALL PUBLIC SAFETY NEEDS UNTIL THIS ISSUE IS RESOLVED

Stormwater Drainage

The Oakwood stormwater management program includes maintaining the underground storm sewer pipes, roadway gutters, stormwater inlets, and open ditches, creeks and streams.

The city of Oakwood maintains a Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) permitted through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA).  The SWMP establishes specific goals to limit pollution that enters the region’s streams and rivers.

Some of the tasks that the City completes annually to meet these requirements include:

  • street sweeping to keep debris out of the storm sewer;
  • dry weather screening of manholes to help identify and eliminate illicit connections;
  • mapping of the city’s outfalls to rivers and streams;
  • controlling construction run-off;
  • internal day to day best practices to help limit pollution;
  • submitting an annual report on the year’s activities to the OEPA;
  • educating residents on stormwater matters and promoting public participation in pollution prevention.

Citizens in the community can do some simple things to help prevent pollution to our rivers and streams.  Please clean up after your pets because the bacteria from animal waste is dangerous to fish and other wildlife in the rivers and streams.  Please do not put oil into the storm or sanitary sewers – 1 quart of oil can pollute 100,000 gallons of water.  Please keep yard debris (except for leaves during the 10 week collection period in the fall) out of the street as it will be washed into the storm sewers and eventually into the rivers and streams.

Permit approval is required prior to completing utility work on your property.  Please review the Property Owner Utility Work guidelines.

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